Investigation Services

Fire & Explosion Investigations

When their job is done..........

Our job has just begun

F.A.I.C., Inc. specializes in determining the origin, cause, and circumstances of structural, vehicular, and marine fires and explosions. Immediately following each phase of an investigation, a verbal report of our findings is given. And, at the conclusion of an investigation, a quality, professionally prepared report is completed, including photographic documentation and drawings as needed. In most cases, one of our investigators can be on the scene within 24 hours of notification. In addition, we are prepared to travel anywhere in continental North America and abroad if the situation warrants.

Private Investigations

So that we provide a broader spectrum of services, F.A.I.C. is licensed by the State of Maryland (Licensing Agent: Maryland State Police) to practice private investigation.

These services include, but are not limited to, investigations involving:

  • Crimes or wrongs committed, assumed to have been committed, or threatened to be committed
  • Identities, habits, conduct, movements, locations, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, credibility, or character of any individual(s).
  • Location and/or recovery of lost or stolen property.
  • Activity, conduct, efficiency, loyalty, or honesty of an employee, agent, contractor, subcontractor, et al.
  • Securing of evidence for use before any investigation committee(s), board(s) of award or arbitration, and in any trials of civil or criminal cause.